Best Leather Honey Leather Conditioner Review Since 1968
Best Leather Honey Leather Conditioner Review

Best Leather Honey Leather Conditioner Review Since 1968

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Best Leather Honey Leather Conditioner Since 1968

Leather honey leather conditioner and why I think it’s the best leather conditioner out there on the market. It has snow but it also has sleet and rain and all that other stuff that you can’t control. Any type of leather is skin and its skin that is no longer replenishing itself.

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The one thing and why I think this is a great investment? I want to make sure that you understand this and that you’re using a product like leather honey because you’ve probably got a lot of leather that you’ve spent a lot of money on.

Leather is a luxury you know clothing item it’s not cheap especially you know real leather we’re talking about not the cheap stuff that the fake stuff. You want to make sure you can get decades and decades of life out of leather if you treat it correctly.

You know what is leather honey and where did it come from it was actually developed I think comes out of the 1968 you had a family business and I think they’re in West Virginia and it was Dan McGowan his father I believe actually was started it and now while Shawn McGowan is the grandson of the gentleman that put this together.

he started off as harness honey, it now has evolved into leather honey they wanted to brand out because what they discovered is that wow this really it’s a step above and I’ve got some other leather conditioners I’ve used in the past such as Cadillac and what melatonin these are these are fine leather conditioners but they’re all water-based.

Being water-based you have to put a lot of it on and you have to put it on frequently usually at least once a week. what I love about leather honey is its oil-based and therefore I only have to do it I probably look for, maybe four times a winter season so maybe once a month maybe once every two weeks versus I’m having to apply the other ones four times as much so it makes it much easier. You know that was the first thing that drew me to leather honey.

the other thing again is as a small family-owned business on the East Coast and these guys are really making it happen you can go check them out on Amazon and go to their website and contact them and you’ll probably have Ariel you know she’s one of the family members as well Sean’s sister and she will get in touch with you most likely.

And help you understand you know what this product is about. You know the proof is in the pudding right. Well, what are you using leather honey on? You can use leather honey leather conditioner on black leather you can use on any color leather the only thing you don’t want to use it on is suede.

You know what would I say is the negative about this way you need to be careful because it will darken any time; they’re reintroducing moisture to the leather. this once-living piece of tissue there actually are emotions it’s oh it’s going to darken and be prepared for that so test on a little bit.

the other thing is it’s a little bit pricier than the other ones I mentioned but this is not an issue that we’re talking a few dollars for an item that you may have paid you know $500 for or you know $700 for. What do you know? What do they if you’re sweating over you know a few dollars for something like that I really think you’re saving pennies and you’re losing the dollars there?

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Finally, what can I say more about leather honey? It a great product but two thumbs up and highly recommend you can get a small batch of it. Try to test it and you know they got a hundred percent money-back guarantee so what have you got to lose?