This is Understanding Microsoft Word and Functions
Understanding Microsoft Word and Functions

Understanding Microsoft Word and It Functions

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Understanding Microsoft Word and Functions

Understanding Microsoft Word | Microsoft Word is a very popular word processing application at this time, The application developed by microsoft is contained in a microsoft office package which contains microsoft word, microsoft excel, microsoft power point, microsoft office publisher microsoft office access and others, but of these many packages offered microsoft word most often used by most people besides microsoft excel and power point.

In the development of microsoft word has many developments from year to year starting from microsoft word 1998, microsoft word 2003, microsoft word 2007, microsoft word 2010 and microsoft word 2013. With these developments microsoft has added a database and a new tool to refine to microsoft word more easy to use. With microsoft word can facilitate human work in typing letters and other documents, it is a simple understanding microsoft word that you need to know.

Microsoft Word function

The function of microsoft word is as a word processor so that all work related to word processing can be done with this application such as:

• make letter
• create tables
• create writing with various variations (word Art)
• enter the picture
• and create documents

Benefits Microsoft word

The benefits of microsoft word is as follows:

1. make it easy to finish the job
With microsoft word we can create documents according to what we want and we can edit and modify if an error occurs before printing. You can also create tables with variations in accordance with what you want.

2. Saves Time in Work
With us using microsoft word we can save time in our work, we can use mail marge function to make mass mail so it can save time when compared with having to type or write one by one letter to be printed.

3. Save Paper and Cost.
With microsoft word we can save the paper used because we can save the results of our work in the form of files so it does not require a lot of paper to print documents for archive and also will save more operational costs.

so understanding microsoft word and its function for our work.