Why We Have to Use An Instant Pot Slow Cooker? This Is Short ReviewWhy We Have to Use An Instant Pot Slow Cooker? This Is Short Review
Why We Have to Use An Instant Pot Slow Cooker?

Why We Have to Use An Instant Pot Slow Cooker? This Is Short Review

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Using An Instant Pot Slow Cooker

Today we’re going to talk about Instant Pot Slow Cooker you may have seen it on your Facebook newsfeed Hertz and Friends talking about it curious as to what it was for. Who is this video for? People who like easy and fast cooking, for people who love their crock-instant pot slow cooker and we’ll talk about that and it is also for people who just need the convenience of some hands-off cooking. Before, we have been talking about How To Find Cheap Home Insurance for your home.

If you love to cook love a lot of ingredients, love to get your hands dirty, this might not be for you but if you like any of those things easy crock-instant pot slow cooker hands up you know you’ve won a nice meal for your family at the end of the day. What an instant pot slow cooker?

Let’s see what I have a roast or a stew for dinner. You know traditionally in a crock instant pot slow cooker that would take eight hours, you know you might get up in the morning and you have to put everything in the crock pot and it would cook all day while you’re at work and then it’d be ready when you go home but essentially it took all day right which means the meat already had to be thought. It had to be ready to go in the crock pot and that is just a very time-consuming process when you look at it as a whole as opposed to 35 minutes in this instant pot slow cooker.

Essentially you could even come home from work and be like. That meant to put that in the crock-instant pot slow cooker today throw it in is 35 minutes of cook time that doesn’t include the warm-up or the deep pressurizing but still significantly less time than that eight hours in a crock pot. It’s definitely faster you can do your own research but the way a pressure cooker works and locking in that steam it actually makes your food more nutrients dense as well because it cooks at a lower temperature.

Do your own research if that’s important to you it was important to me eat a lot of vegetables and I like to keep the nutrients. You don’t have to think about it I don’t have to prepare my entire plan the next day. Less thoughts less processing time and just super easy to use what you am cooking is just like beans usually collard greens and then you eat it over rice and you’ve gotten really used to the instant pot slow cooker and you just dump everything yet you know used to it used to be this day-long process and you’d have two different crock pots running collard greens running beans and they have to cook all day.

They might get done they might not because beans are hard to cook sometimes right. It’s the magic number we’ll run the timer from start to finish so that we tracked the time of heating of deep pressurizing. you take the lid off it has some accessories for when you’re roasting things we need to measure but we’re just going to dump these things right in.

If you’re making a stink Bursa – you don’t have to cover it if you’re making it. You can use the same one every time it automatically holds that setting for puffs up to five minutes and then it will automatically start. if you want to make sure your vent is closed right now it’s not pressurized you’ll notice that it will pressurize and there’s a little indicator and that’s how you know what it’s done is once this finishes.

It’s gonna be done this pressure valve releases and that’s when you know that it’s ready and safe to open. everything is finished from start to finish was a total of 57 minutes it took about 25 minutes to pressurize that 5-minute cook time we talked about and the rest of the time up too. It’s less than an hour total for something that would have normally taken 8 maybe 10 hours in a crock pot.

It’s easy to make is something that would have normally taken all day so I just want you to understand all the benefit with this instant pot slow cooker, and how easy it is to use.