The Reason of Comcast Outage Service Impacts in Oakland
The Reason of Comcast Outage Service Impacts

The Reason of Comcast Outage Service Impacts in Oakland

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Comcast Outage Had Been So Impacts

Comcast outage is down nationwide and in Oakland but before I show you what’s going on specifically in Oakland. Let’s go to social media specifically Twitter, so you can see for yourself what happened and what the reports are as to why it’s. Here it’s the headline as you can see is Comcast dealing with major outage nationwide and this is going to refresh to this news page from Baltimore CBS and the report basically is about this page is opening because Comcast is a major outage is affecting Comcast customers nationwide including in the Baltimore area.

The outage is primarily affecting Comcast outage cable service but telephone the Internet services are also affected in some areas. Comcast tweeted the customers they are working in restore service as quickly as possible but it is not yet known when service will come back.

They said the story is developing now if you get rid of this and go back to Twitter real quick what we find out from Comcast. The reason for this occurrence and it is that Comcast xfinity Comcast cable and Internet are in Baltimore or other posts it looks like. It’s out in other places tried to call and got the most bizarre on hold noise but what sounded like keyboard typing.

That’s not what I intended here it is. This is a Comcast update for CB CNBC is that a fiber cut at a large backbone network partner has caused a service outage affecting its business and residential video internet and voice Customers. Here it says Comcast statement on nationwide outage one a Comcast large backbone net where partners had a fiber cut that we believe is also impacting other providers.

Why of Comcast Outage Service Impacts in Oakland California
Outage Service Impacts in Oakland California

It is currently affecting our business and residential internet video and voice customers we apologize and are working. They get service restored as soon as possible now, Comcast is as they say large and Oakland because they have the franchise contract so let’s see lunch box Oakland purported its Friday the Sun must be up because Comcast is down.

We have no internet and no phones but we are open that is an hour ago and then someone else Two hours ago just spoke to relative at Oakland California they are up never went down note that was two hours ago.

This one says two hours ago my Xfinity in Oakland California is down for at least I’m at last half hour or two hash tag Xfinity outage and this was June 20th it doesn’t apply to today. so that’s, the latest and as you can see for those who have chosen this report the problem on Twitter there’s an outage that the question is you might be asking what does it look like on Facebook. Let’s find out for one second, we’ll do that by type Facebook there as I’m doing and going over how’s this for real-time search right going over to search and typing as soon as this page opens Facebook pages.

Now, I noticed the internet speed here is decent enough editing you’re right Comcast there. The interesting here you go all right this is CBS Philly the outages primary affecting Comcast cable service that was two hours ago, We’re currently experiencing a nationwide service interruption and so on.

Something else that you know has to occur to me is that if a person’s Comcast outage Internet is out then it’s very difficult for them to use Twitter or Facebook to report that it’s out right. You would say they use their smartphones but some people don’t use their smartphones to put out anything on Twitter or Facebook particularly if they’re of a certain demographic.

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