6 Accessories That Make Your Car Look More cool
Accessories That Make Your Car Look More cool

6 Accessories That Make Your Car Look More Cool Every Day

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6 Accessories That Make Your Car Look More cool

Car Salon. Usually these 2 words are identical with the goal of beautifying the look of the car. Moreover, you who feel slang and have a high taste about the car must’ve been often back and forth to the salon car.

There are so many things that you can add to your car that can make your car look cool. It’s just maybe guns all these accessories suitable for all cars, you know. But you calm down, there are also accessories that you can use for all types of cars. Want to know what are these seven accessories?

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Car Rims

For car wheel business is no death. So many choices, you can be confused about which one. One of the things you can do, adjust the wheels with hobbies or things you like.

Create racing lovers, please select the racing wheels to suit your taste. Examples of alloy wheels Montecarlo HLT racing that looks elegant with a black look. Suitable for your car who want to look fierce on the highway.

The Montecarlo HLT display is perfect for cars like the Suzuki Grand Vitara, the Honda Accord and the Civic, the Mazda 3, the Mercedes Benz ML and GL, also include a match for Toyota Alphard, Camry and Harier. There are still many other types of wheels that you can choose. Especially if you turn out the classic type, the more confused you know because there are many options.


One more exterior accessories for your cool car. Bumper can make your car look more cool or even can make it look away from the word ‘cool’. Before installing the bumper, you should first consider your car. Whether bumper replacement or just add a little spice to appear more leverage.

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Even the customized bumper provider service has been more and more. Usually bumper installation not only for the front only, but also for the rear of the car. Moreover, the use of bumper is intended to protect the car, so repair or addition should be in accordance with ergonomis, not just look cool.

Rear Wing

When talking about cool, rear wing is also one of the exterior accessories that cannot be missed. Use of rear wing, in addition to protecting the rear glass also to add to the coolness of your car.

Cars with 5 seats usually match the addition of rear wing. But for rear wing modifications still depends on your choice as the owner of the car.

Car Headlamp

This one also became a mainstay for car lovers. Create a likes car modifications usually headlamp or headlights into one part that must be changed. Headlamp is no longer mere lighting, but also shows the class.

The price of this headlamp can reach the price of millions depending on the type of lights and customization is done. Headlamp modifications can be done for any type of car, as long as it is still in accordance with the modification of the car that has been done.

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If the option just changes the headlamp only, then choose a headlamp that is not too flashy. Especially for you drifter car lovers, surely already have a lot of ideas about headlamp modifications right?

Car Sticker

The choice of car stickers is diverse, but choosing a car sticker should also be careful. The important thing is how the shape and design of the sticker you want. Usually these sticker service providers already have a lot of designs, but it would not hurt if you try to ask for customization.

Note also the cutting sticker techniques they use, keep the technique remains smooth and do not cause something that makes you so uncomfortable later. Because when driving a car means anyone’s eyes can be fixed on your vehicle and most definitely you do not want to be made a mockery by people.

Better do research in advance about which car sticker service you can use. Choosing the right sticker means making your car look cooler.

Color Car

All kinds of modifications mentioned above will look even more cool, with the appropriate car color combinations. Never stick a sticker whose color is too opposite to the color of your car and vice versa. Do not also install a car bumper whose color does not match the overall color of the car. Color is not something you can take for granted, especially when it comes to cars.

Color can describe a personality, and any car modifications can answer the personality of the owner. Then you must be ready to be read by others.

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Do the modifications you feel are enough to make you satisfied and interesting to see. Selection of all these accessories is better preceded by research. Because with the research then you minimize errors that may arise when starting to make modifications.