You Can Learn From Car Care Tips Here
5 Awesome Things about Car Care Tips Here

5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Car Care Tips Here

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5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Car Care Tips

The car is used as a means of transportation and its function will be needed in certain situations that may be crucial. How to keep the condition of the car remains prime, including car accessories that exist on your car, to be dependable when needed while extending life time?

Car maintenance does not have to go to the workshop, you can also do it yourself, and the easiest to do is checking regularly, especially when the car becomes a daily vehicle. one of the things you should look into caring for your car is to wash your car regularly. you can find out how to wash your own car at home without having to go to a car salon.

There are five easy ways to care for and check the car. Check out the discussion below.

1. Check the oil volume. Be sure to change the oil every 5,000 to 10,000 km. If oil changes are not done, then there are some risks that must be ready to bear.

2. Checking the starter system. Such as checking the condition of the battery or the vehicle battery by checking the size of the water level (for wet batteries) while for maintenance-free batteries (dry) simply checked the remaining life, cleaned and checked installation.

3 Check the timing belt. Timing belt is a belt that serves to continue the rotation of the gears connected to the internal part of the machine. If this component is damaged is marked by a rough sound when the machine is starting up.

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Damage to timing belts that are left to dissolve will cause breaking and breaking of timing belt will suddenly make certain components on the machine damaged. In addition, the supply of electricity on the car can also be said not to the maximum.

4. Check the state of the radiator. Radiators in car engines play a role to keep the engine temperature cool, which means that the radiator is a component that serves to keep the engine so as not to overheat (over heating).

By routinely checking the radiator that includes, checking leaks, draining and replacing water, the performance of the radiator will be maintained, so that the task as a cooling machine will run well.

5. Serve or tune-up regularly. This will keep the engine awake. Because vital components associated with engines such as spark plugs, fuel and oil filters will always be controlled.

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If your car is already using ECU or all its systems are all electronic, do not attempt to fix them manually. Because this system requires a reliable mechanical expert as well as special equipment.