How About Car Insurance for Women and Is It Same? Learn More Here
How About Car Insurance for Women and Is It Same?

How About Car Insurance for Women and Is It Same? Learn More Here

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Learn More About Car Insurance for Women Here

Today we’re going to talk about car insurance for women. Women pay an average of nine percent less than men for car insurance rates nationwide. The median average for women’s car insurance annually is about fourteen hundred dollars a year.

Women are saying, why are women engage in riskier driving practices guys don’t use seatbelts as often. Men are fifty percent more likely to get a DUI. Men drive faster have more reckless driving and exhibition of speed violations.

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Men have more severe accidents than women. Did you know seventy one percent of all motor vehicle deaths are caused by men? Seventy percent of all pedestrian deaths are caused by men, eighty-seven percent of all bicycle deaths are caused by male drivers and ninety-one percent of all motorcycle deaths are caused by men.

Women typically drive cheaper cars than men by eight percent which always leads to lower premiums. Women are also less likely to be the primary driver which is going to drive down your insurance rates. However, if you’re young and single a woman is going to pay more than a married middle-aged friend but when women hit their 70s their male counterparts are going to pay thirty-seven percent more.

Remember! Women can end up paying more than their male counterpart based on their own driving record, the type of vehicle that you own, how many miles you drive per year and your credit score. Keep that credit score up so your premiums go down, so shop around ladies for competitive rates from an insurance company you’ve spent time researching.

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Once you’ve identified three companies ask your friends and coworkers if they would recommend an agent or broker to try and nail down the deal, picking an agent or broker you can trust makes all the difference in the world when it comes to car insurance.

Is Car Insurance For Women Different From Men?

Car insurance for women is really no different than car insurance for men or car insurance for anyone else. Pricing is always just going to be based on the type of the age of the vehicle you’re driving your driving record, if you’ve had tickets, if you’ve had accidents your insurance will increase.

It also depends a bit on your age and a bit on the other folks. So you might have on your policy if you have young drivers on your policy, your car insurance premiums will increase typically. Really car insurance for women is no different the car insurance for anyone else, it’s going to be based on type of vehicle you’re driving in the driving record.

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Some people might think there’s a difference between rates of car insurance for men and rates of car insurance for women but really it’s exactly the same at least in the state of Massachusetts. No difference exists between car insurance for men and car insurance for women.