How To Wash Car without Must to Car Salon
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What I Wish Everyone Knew About How To Wash Car without Must to Car Salon

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How to  without Must to Car Salon

This article will discuss how to wash the car so that the appearance of your car can be clean and shiny. Beautify the interior and exterior of the used car that you will sell is a very recommended step for the sale price of the used car is well preserved.

Cleaning used cars does not have to use car salon services. To save money and can do a detailed cleaning, you can do it yourself. With a simple cleaning tool such as a brush, towel or washcloth, you can clean the exterior and interior of your car.

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Check out the following reviews on how to wash the car in detail before your car is sold.


Before you start how to wash your car, make sure your car is in the shade. Avoid washing when the surface of the car is still hot. Wait until the surface is cool including on the tire as well.

While waiting for the surface temperature of the car to go down, you can prepare the tools you will use. You should use a microfiber towel with thick fur. The material will be able to remove the dirt and not make it into the surface of other cars. Also provide car cleaning soap, not dishwashing detergent.

While doing the washing provide two buckets. One with a foaming cleanser, another one containing only water. Both of these buckets have their respective functions. Once you have dipped the cloth into foaming water and cleaned the car, then the foamy and soiled cloth dipped into a bucket of water. This is to keep the cloth clean to take the cleaning foam again afterwards and certainly does not pollute the cleaning bucket.

Previously mentioned that avoid using dishwashing detergent. The cleaning detergent can strip the polymer from your paint coat. Another effect is to speed up the oxidation process as well.

Spray first with clean water to the entire surface of the car body. Spraying is to remove dirt, mold or fat that sticks in your car. In certain parts such as under the car it is better to be sprayed with higher pressure water.

Begin to wash the car from the top and then down. Use low pH soap and use a sponge to give soap to the car body. Begin to wash and soap off the roof of the car, then rinse immediately with clean water before the soap dries. Do it and repeat on the other part after the part was clean.

To minimize the spots do spray with clean water on the final rinse throughout the body. Then dry with a towel. It needs attention, do not let the wind or the sun’s heat dry it. If that happens then there will be soapy patches.

Wheel Section

Continue cleaning to the tire part. Clean the rim first, because in this section is a lot of dirt like dust and oil gathered. In the process of cleaning you are advised to let a moment of soap in the rim to absorb for 1 or 2 minutes before then brushed and rinsed.

As to keep in mind, namely:

Acid based cleaners should only be used on coarse-textured alloy wheels.
The chrome wheels can be made glossy by using metal polish or glass cleaner.
In addition to cleaning in the usual way, here are some options as tips for cleaning your tires.

Using Soda Drinks

Wash your tires as usual. Use soap commonly used to remove marks such as oil, oil splashes or other similar impurities.

Dry the tire after washing. Dry with wiping to speed up the drying process.

Use water soft drinks to wipe the tires. With the help of a clean cloth, wipe the soda water evenly over the entire tire of your car. Wait until dry and see the results.

Using Liquid Silicon

In use there is no different from the use of tire polish manufacturer in general. However, the tire polish base material of the manufacturer is its own liquid silicone. But because of the high price of liquid silicone, the manufacturer mixes it with other materials.

So, in a nutshell, the use of 100% liquid silicone to coat your car tires is the use of super-high quality tire polish. To make their own liquid tire more affordable, silicone can be mixed with other ingredients, namely turpentine liquid. The comparison is 70% turpentine and 30% silicon.

The workings of this solution is basically to coat the tire is thin, strong and waterproof so it will make the tires look shiny and like new.

Using a manufacturer’s polish product

The use of manufacturer tire polish is the usual way. To know the basic ingredients have been described in the previous points. Usually the use of polish manufacturer is used by those who want something practical and ready to use.


For matters of cleaning stained glass from stubborn dirt, you can use a microfiber cloth when washing it and wiping it. If you do not have a micro fiber can use a lint-free cloth. You certainly do not want to leave the remains of fiber in the car after cleaning it.

In the outer glass section, it should look shiny and reflect light, not dull and dirty. Be careful with the colored windows. Factory dyes are attached to the glass, and can be decomposed or damaged by cleaners containing ammonia and / or vinegar. Therefore, check your cleanser before using it to your car’s colored windows.

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Remove the floor carpet and dust in the carpet, luggage, luggage, luggage rack and dashboard. Do not let anyone miss, a dust can trigger another dust coming. Start from the top, then down. The dust or dirt accumulated above can fall down. It becomes more efficient at cleaning it up.

Use a cleansing foam and scrub with a cloth or a damp sponge to clean the carpet or seat stain. Before wiping with a towel allow a few minutes. Repeat if the stain has not disappeared. For the final step, wash parts cleaned with a damp sponge and wipe again. Make sure also to dry the wet part with certainty, because humidity can cause the growth of fungus.

Wipe the harsh interior surfaces with a versatile soft cleanser. Use interior coating for the finishing touch.

Pay attention also to the AC hole for detailing. Spray a little vinyl on the AC hole grille to make it look shiny and clean.

Watch the car seat, it’s important to make good detail. But different upholstery materials will certainly have different cleaning ways as well. You may need to vacuum upholstery or the area around it.

On the seat or interior components of cars made of leather can use conditioner if needed. Use this conditioner so that the leather-made components will look attractive and always damp so they do not dry and peel.

Similarly tips and some reviews about how to wash the car cover the exterior and interior of your car. But outside of these topics, cleaning and maintenance (detailing) should be done at least once a month to keep the cleanliness and condition of your car’s material to stay primed and brilliant.