The Great Lessons You Can Learn From Story Of James Harden
The Great Lessons From Story Of James Harden

The Great Lessons You Can Learn From Story Of James Harden

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Ten Great Lessons From Story Of James Harden

James Harden jr. was born on August 26 1989 in Los Angeles California to Manya Willis and James Harden senior. James had little interest in his father even when he later showed up by his high school games. To this day, James refuses to use jr. when writing his name, Manya meanwhile had a steady job as an administrator with 18t in Pasadena. James was Montes third child, he had two siblings ten and fourteen years older including half-brother Achille Roberson who was the star quarterback for Locke High School in South LA and later the University of Kansas. This is about inspiring figures from James Harden.

James suffered from asthma growing up which affected his play on the court Jamie’s mother Manya says that sports gave him something positive to do that was physically active.

Harden’s first love is baseball, the southpaw described himself as a great pitcher and first baseman. Money said that James Harden wanted to start playing organized basketball around age 10, quickly fell in love with the game after playing for Parks and Recreation team in nearby watts.

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There was a hoop put up on the garage door at his house so he could work on his game in his free time. James Harden stayed busy with school and playing sports year-round. He said that he always had something to do. I was playing t-ball at first my mom always took me to practice after school I was always on the move I didn’t really have time to sit around and start hanging out with whoever.

after t-ball I went to basketball enough to start and play basketball that’s when I fell in love with it and just kept going it was a cycle from here on out. I was active all year round and just tried to stay away from the streets. James mom says that she didn’t really like basketball or sports period, but knew that her kids had to do something to keep their mind.

At home, James Harden was a quick fingered video game player. At school, he was an attentive and serious student. James says that it was pretty dangerous like a lot of environments around the world the more you can try to focus on the positive and stay away from the streets the better off you’ll be, because of the state of the neighborhood Monti has sent James out of the area for school.

in 2003, he enrolled at Artesia High School in Lakewood about 15 minutes away James once wrote a note to his mom while in high school can you wake me up at 7 and could you leave me a couple dollars from James, PS keep this paper I’m gonna be a Star.

The Great Life Style Of James Harden
James Harden Life Style

He was right as he is now arguably the NBA’s most intimidating scorer, she still has the paper. Artesia had a powerful hoops program with a long and impressive history. James Harden didn’t know about it until you arrived on campus and saw pictures of his idol Jason Kapono in the gym. By his junior year, James had grown several inches and now stood well over 6 feet.

He’d also developed a reliable left hand jump shot and got his asthma under control. Perry thought James was ready to play at a larger role in the offense but James didn’t want to appear selfish. Apparently that he could do it although James was quiet respectful around him, he was a boisterous and popular player in the locker.

Eventually James mother tell him to do whatever his coach said or he’d have to deal with her. James Harden stepped up in 2005 and led the Pioneers to the state championship, he averaged nearly 20 points a game was Artesia finished with a 33 in one record that somewhere James continued to develop as the star of an 80pump and run. Regularly pouring in 20-plus point’s game and playing great Defense. At the super 64 tournament in Las Vegas in late July, he turned head to netting 67 points in two games in the same day.

All while facing future college stars, Kevin Love – Nolan Smith Austin Freeman and Michael visa. Artesia repeated as state champ since 2006 under new coach slowing bro group. James was good for 15 to 20 points the game again and helped sophomore Bernardo Sydney and junior Malik story become stars. Recruiters were quick to note that, James possessed a basketball q comparable to many NBA players. When it came time for James to commit to University I play for the decision was a no-brainer.

James old high school coach Scott pair was now an assistant at Arizona State and manya was moving the nearby Phoenix to take care of a home that her mother had left here in her will.

He was tops in the club with 17.8 points and 2.1 steals per game. he also led Arizona State with a 40 point seven percent mark from the three-point range 73 seals were a three sore at the school Record.
His Sun Devils narrowly missed a nancydeb lantern rivet and played a 990 instead, they won twice before the Florida Gators tape them up. James meanwhile was then first team All-pac-10 and was a member of the conference all-freshman team as well. Despite these accolades, he was growing tired of hearing how young do it.

James Harden decided to start growing a beard to the point she started as a go team hasn’t stopped for this day. That beard would come to define it almost as much as this maturing game. James Harden hardened to the leaks top scorer and he’s a young man that could drive it to the goal and make perimeter shot and bury he scores a lot of points but doesn’t evolve very much.

James sophomore season he averaged twenty point one points per game led the conference in steals for the second season in a row and was voted pac-10 Player of the Year. He was a third player in school history to be named the conference’s top performer. Shortly, after he declared himself eligible for the NBA Draft.

Blake Griffin was the drafts big prize and the Los Angeles Clippers grabbed him with a face big. James Harden meant two selections later to the Oklahoma City Thunder, it worked out from the team prior to the draft day and later send a note the GM Sam Presti listed the reasons that he wanted flavored a thunder. That sealed the deal Oklahoma said, he decided to make him that number three big. Now, James Harden would spend three seasons playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder where he was named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 2011 2012 Season.

Harden also helped the Thunder reach the 2012 NBA Finals where they lost in five games to LeBron James Miami Heat. after failing to agree on a contract extension with the Thunder harden was traded to the Houston Rockets locked over 27th 2012 and it’s at Houston way, he was given the opportunity to be the focal point of a team and become the perennial all-star and IBP kid that we know him as today.

His first season playing alongside Chris Paul the two of them are excelling in the rules and the Rockets have searched the best record at the all-star break and James Hyneman certainly cemented himself deep in the MVP conversation.

Regardless of the outcomes of this season, James Harden Martin’s career to this point has been a huge success.

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