The Story Of Damian Lillard one of The Most Popular Figure Now
The Story Of Damian Lillard

The Inspiring Story Of Damian Lillard one of The Most Popular Figure Now

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The Story Of Damian Lillard one of The Most Popular Figure

This is the story of Damian Lillard, the 26 year old point guard from Oakland, California who has played five seasons with the Portland Trailblazers. Dame is a fan favorite around the league because of the scoring ability and is off the court work in Oakland and Portland. Previously, we also have found the same popular character, the James Harden.

Let’s talk about his time as a high school player trying to get recruited by schools his time at a mid-major college and his growth from being Rookie of the Year to being the player that the Trail Blazers franchise can build around.

Lillard taught himself how to shoot the basketball at his grandmother’s house but it wasn’t with a real hoop he shot hoops on a tree branch that bent in a circular way that replicated a basketball room. The tree ended up being cut down and Damien replaced that tree branch rim with a milk crate connected to a telephone pole as his makeshift basketball hoop.

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He played for three high schools in the Bay Area, one was at st. Joseph Notre Damian Lillard where Jason add played. His high school basketball game transferred to Oakland High School for his final two years and going into his senior season big-time college teams, we’re not looking at Lillard to be their point guard. Damian Lillard came out of high school as a two star prospect. By scouting sites, Damian Lillard was the forty eighth ranked point guards in his class on ESPNU rankings.

Damian Lillard ended up taking a scholarship to play for the Weber State University Wildcats a mid-major School in Utah. San Diego State was also recruiting Damian Lillard but he did not care about that offer because Weber State was the first team to look at him. The head coach at Weber State Randy Ray said Lillard was very different from other kids when it came to recruiting.

Damian Lillard cared about loyalty and remembered when the coaches at Weber State were the first ones there for him. Game’s lack of recruitment from big-time schools motivated him and the head coach said Dean spent more time in the gym than anyone Damian Lillard has coached and his entire career of coaching.

Lillard said his senior year was going to be his best and he didn’t fall off or show any signs of it at all. Damian Lillard averaged 24 points five rebounds and four assists and his senior season been his second in the country in scoring becoming the first weber state player ever named to an all-american team and he won a second Big Sky Player of the Year award.

Damian Lillard worked out for a number of NBA teams including the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings for his pre-draft workouts. He ended up being selected sixth overall by the Portland Trail Blazers now. Damian Lillard has some other skills off the court and he has rapping skills. His rap name is Dame Dollar and he’s been rapping for a while and wants people to take him seriously as a musician. It’s not just a side hobby for him.

he dropped his debut album called the letter O in October of 2016 it features some big names like Lil Wayne and Jamie Foxx. He got a ton of support from his peers on Twitter Lil Wayne tweeted about it and a lot of NBA players were liking the album and talking about it.

LeBron said shout out to the homie Damian Lillard on his first full project the letter o the boy is in his bag. Seth Curry tweeted out some of the lyrics the data album dropped George Hill who still has the Indiana and his Twitter name for some reason told everyone to check out the album and d-wave posted on Instagram supporting Dean’s album saying this too right here is a problem on and off the court he’s even done some concerts and hosted one at its high school last December with Fetty WAP and lil uzi Burt.

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Damian Lillard has become one of the league’s most marketable personalities and has proved himself as one of the best point guards in the league that has a bunch of them. And that’s it for the Damian Lillard story.