Here's What Industry Insiders Say About Bellmont Cabinets
Here's About Bellmont Cabinets :

Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Bellmont Cabinets and How to Install it

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Industry Insiders Say About Bellmont Cabinets.

Belmont cabinets building is approximately 200,000 square feet built by panettone in 2005 and moved in in April 2006 and it has been a fabulous location for it. Belmont cabinets sell wholesale through independent kitchen and bath dealers throughout the western United States and have over 140 dealers in 12 states you would visit one of its dealers property who would design your kitchen and using catalogue spec book and our computer aided design tools would design your dream kitchen.

Once you ordered it they would send it to us electronically it flows directly into our enterprise resource plan creates bill of materials and purchasing purchase orders and scheduling, then it goat moves into our production support which sends all of the information to all these computerized machines. And then, it’s tracked through a barcode system all throughout the entire plan if it’s a hardwood door or veneer door, Belmont cabinets we’ll take that order and working with raw materials create your beautiful kitchen on demand.

Belmont cabinets are run a very lean just-in-time manufacturing process where its suppliers bring the material every single day. So all Belmont cabinets nearly have is emergency inventory and get numerous turns in our inventory every year.

Here's Bellmont Cabinets Factory
Bellmont Cabinets Machine Factory :

Everything you see happening is a sold project that don’t build anything on speculation it’s all for custom built for an order. Belmont cabinets have always had a high level of respect, one of its core values is respect and in that is respect for the environment respect for the resources that it’s utilize. so every light in the whole plant is it is energy efficient all of our machinery is the latest technology of energy efficiency that it recycle wood ways and recycle everything that can recycle even recycle our finishing material that goes into our finishing machines. Belmont cabinets built one hundred percent full access cabinet’s very precise methodology, high-tech Equipment full access wider drawers wider doors a lot more usability in the cabinet itself.

In Belmont cabinets finishing room its 27,000 square feet and have heated outside air clean
Air coming in to replace all the hair that’s exhausted. These machines you’re looking at are called automated flat line finishing machines. And all the finishing is done by computerized robotics and
Then goes through a series of drying chambers horizontal ovens. They come down here and have it employees who are doing all of the sanding hand sanding.

It’s still this is an area that no machine has ever been able to figure out how to do it right. so Belmont cabinets sand it and then it goes through the machine again to get the final coat of finish I mean it all comes together right here where the cabinet is assembled it’s put in the case clamp it comes down this final assembly line where these gentlemen will put the doors and drawers on in any accessories and do all the final quality checks on the cabinet. It’s an honor to have you and Pacific Crest in summer.

From the first time Belmont cabinets met the city officials at summer they’ve expressed a huge
Desire to work with him they wanted our business they wanted our employees they wanted our tax base and what a refreshing change from what Belmont cabinets came from. It’s exciting to see how cabinets are made and these are gorgeous.

How to Install Bellmont Cabinets

Belmont cabinets willl be installing what are called fillers and apply it in panels and all of our trim. The filler is just what the name implies. it’s a trim molding same material it’s the door and they’re used to fill in gaps between say the edge of a cabinet and a wall, between Ball corner cabinet, wall corner cabinet and here’s an example of one that’s already been installed. This was cut to an inch and a half that was the distance needed to move this Belmont cabinets to the right reveal between the molding and the side of the cabinet.

The other alternative unexposed Belmont cabinets sides are water called factory finished in so we’re showing both in this segment these are factory built as part of the cabinet so the exposed cabinet side is already finished so with that let’s get started with fillers and panels.

This block is something that I made starting this project out I made it seven eighths by seven eighths and what I’m doing is this is my for my strip that I’m using to make sure throughout
This whole project that I’m having all my apply in panels flush sticking out exactly the same amount throughout this whole kitchen install. Justin’s applying glue on the miter joints this is yours a good fit the joint won’t open.

so the light balance molding is installed our fascia trim at the top of the Belmont cabinets has been installed we’re in the process now of putting Belmont cabinets shelves back in inserting doors and drawers then comes the final alignment of all the doors and drawers. And Justin is applying right now what are called fast caps these are screw covers to hide the screw head. Best to put the shelves back in before the doors go on it’s also an opportunity to adjust them to the height you may want.

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