I Will Tell You Excess About Ixwebhosting Web Hosting In The Next 60 Seconds
Excess About Ixwebhosting Web Hosting

I Will Tell You Excess About Ixwebhosting Web Hosting In The Next 60 Seconds

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The Excess About Ixwebhosting Web Hosting

Well, first thing, I want to introduce today is ixwebhosting web hosting. this is a very / hosting company since your 1939. it’s over 16 years wind experience press play. their string is a SEO hosting if you want to have web hosting service that it is a search engine optimize you can refer to them. Ixwebhosting have quite some quality web hosting services and most importantly.

If you do not understand what it is web hosting, please read explanation about it in previous post. They are offering lots of free dedicated IP address and even for the shared web hosting, they all allow you to add up to 15 dedicated IP address. other web host is not permitting you are good to do this and usually allow you to have one dedicated IP for each share hosting account, meaning you are forced to create multiple web hosting plan from them.

The cost of ixwebhosting will be substantial if you want to have a SEO optimized web hosting plan and you want to have a lot of dedicated IP address and X web hosting is your only choice.

The Prices

Overall, prices of ixwebhosting are pretty Decent, they do offer affordable pricing plans and they also offer dedicated IPS to all clients which is great even the lowest web hosting one has one up to two free IPS so that’s really awesome and then they offer 99% site uptime which is amazing.

Ixwebhosting do offer customer service 24/7 and from our experience I could say their customer service is pretty great and then once again 30-day 100% money-back guarantees which is also great. Now, with the cons of this website, they do have a more complicated and less like utility oriented control panel.

It’s not as easy to navigate not as easy to use. It’s a little bit more calm located than other ones. So, people that are beginners and building websites for example website design inspiration might have some trouble with ixwebhosting and it could be a huge issue for them. They also offer a little bit less customer security than some other competition.
So, that’s also a downside.

Over all, I can’t really recommend ixwebhosting website for those who are beginners in the website you know building game. it’s not as easy to use as some of the competition and if you’re a newbie you might find yourself struggling at first setting up your website and running it through IX web hosting. but if you’re more in advanced in this and you’re just looking at transfer your website or just immediately get it up and running, then this might be for you because they do have affordable pricing plans.

To add your insight about the internet world, you can read Top 5 Fastest Internet Provider By Country on previous posts. For more expert people of ixwebhosting I can recommend it for those who are beginners, I can’t really recommend this just because it’s a little bit more difficult.