Important Facts That You Should Know About Ethernet Protocol
Facts That About Ethernet Protocol

Important Facts That You Should Know About Ethernet Protocol

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What is ethernet protocol

the Ethernet protocol is by far the most widely used of the protocols. there are also a fast Ethernet Gigabit token ring several other but the Ethernet protocol uses csma/cd or carrier sense multiple access collision detection. this protocol what it does is it before communicates on a line it checks to see if there’s already communication on the line and if there is then it waits before it sends data across it.

sometimes you will have two computers that try to communicate on this protocol at the same time and this would cause a collision and then both connections would back off for a random amount of time. before they, try to access before they try to use the line again. while this does create the collisions, do create some some network traffic it usually effective performance and that’s even a protocol.

How Ethernet Protocol Works

Ethernet allows computers to communicate with one another by connecting each cord to a separate computer. the originally event distracted communication every single cable shared by all devices on the network. once the device attached to this cable, it had the ability to communicate with any other attached device.

ethernet is a local area technology with networks traditionally operating within a single building. connecting devices in close proximity and most ethernet protocol devices could only have a few hundred meters of cable between them making it impractical to connect geographically dispersed locations. local area network technologies connect to many devices that are relatively close to each other.

Usually, in the same building, the library terminals that display book information would connect over a local area network. wide area network technologies connect the smaller number of devices that can be many kilometers apart. For example in two libraries at the opposite ends of a city wanted to share their book catalog information.

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They would most likely make use of a wide area network technology. Even, in devices attached to a common medium that provides a path along which the electronic signals will travel. Historically, this medium has been common tables but today it is more commonly a twisted pair of fiber-optic. protocol on the language that ethernet protocol computer packages on the network to communicate in West both understand.