This Will Answer Your Question About What is a Computer Network?
Question About What is a Computer Network?

This Will Answer Your Question About What is a Computer Network?

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What is a Computer Network?

We are going to start with introduction to the question of what is a computer network. What is a network? Networking is it is information exchange. It’s the exchange of information between different users of that information. Actually, computer network is a group of interconnected things forms a network. The oldest example open network is the water supply system in the ancient Rome.

The computer network may be a set of computers connected along for the aim of sharing resources and people resources will be net, a printer or a digital computer. It everything that connects to a network is a computer so your printer your printer is a computer.

your smartphone actually it’s a smart computer with a phone attached to your router your wireless router all of those are just computers that have specialized tasks built into them your life toughest of course a computer, I believe you can understand about what is a computer network with this explanation.

When we use computers recover throws a new tech term computing. Computing is nothing but the process of utilizing computer technology to complete a task and the task can be either swiping a debit card, making a call or sending an email.

Computing involves the use of computer systems like a PC, ATM, machine, a smartphone or any other electronic device. Since computer network involves, the use of computers for computing and telecommunication technology like telephone lines, wireless radio links for transmitting the processed data over long distances with the Ethernet so the computer network can be said to be evolved at the interface of telecommunications and computing. There are two types about what is a computer network simple.

The first, computer network that appeared was like a TA network in joint geographically distributed computers to each other that word area networks nowadays is known as Internet. Let and our today’s discussions with some historic events that totally revolutionized today’s world. The first, person converter appeared in the early 1980s.

Second, the commercial use of internet started in the early nineteen eighties. Third, World Wide Web was invented in 1991. We hope this article gives you understand about what is a computer network easily.