Learn From This Explanation So You Can Understand What Is Web Hosting
Explanation to Understand What Is Web Hosting

Learn From This Explanation So You Can Understand What Is Web Hosting

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Learn About What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting? Let’s forget about the internet and websites for a second. What is the first thing you need when you want to open a shop? A piece of land to set up your shop and store your products. Without this piece of land, your shop cannot run as it won’t have any space to store your products.

Similarly, on the internet your website is your shop where you display your products. Here too, you need a piece of land to store your products. Your website files a web hosting company provides you this storage space to store your website files.

Let’s see how it works. When you buy your web hosting plan, the service provider allocates a definite amount of storage space on their servers. So, when people visit your website, the computers connect to your web hosting provider’s servers where your website’s files are stored and delivered to the individual users and your website is shown to them.

To answer your question about What is web hosting? There are three common types of web hosting available to you.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is like living in an apartment building. Shared hosting is a relatively cheap form of hosting where most websites live. like an apartment, it often comes with all the necessities like Word Press hosting, web builders, email clients etc. but like a real apartment building the trade-off is that you share the facilities with many other people.

What you do in your apartment could affect other tenants or other websites, burn and like surges in web traffic parking spaces will be part of fine. Likewise, if you have a lot of parties, you’ll probably be talking with building management or the Systems Group about moving to a different space.

Virtual Private Servers.

Virtual Private servers is like a town home versus an apartment, a VPS is bigger and gives you more control than a shared hosting account. With a VPS, you have control over nearly everything inside your walls but you share the property and certain services like processor usage with other lifts. You can now add walls and install whatever furnishings you like. For example music streaming software for running a radio show, assuming it all fits in your space.

So, it’s much more flexible than shared hosting. The walls are thicker than an apartment and there are fewer residents on the property. And throwing a bigger party or having lots of web visitors.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is like owning your own home it’s basically a box with all the computer bits in a remote rack somewhere. Having a dedicated server is like owning a big house on a hill. The property is completely or you can move walls build a deck or a pool. In computer terms that would mean buying as many resource upgrades as you could afford.

You can even hold parties as big as you want but once again assuming you have the road and parking to handle. It that’s like making sure you have the bandwidth from your ISP or Internet service provider to cope with your massive amounts of visitors.

There are many best web hosting service providers today such as hostgator and godaddy. If you are a graphic designer, you have to know best website design inspiration which we discussed earlier. I hope this explanation can answer your question about web hosting and and now you can understand what is web hosting and you can start your business by using web hosting.