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Now Is The Time For You To Know The Best About Bitcoin Quotes

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Here is 8 Bitcoin Quotes From Some CEO

1“I read a lot of history and I know that once upon a time a coin was worth five dollars if it had five dollars worth of gold in it now we have paper that is just backed by fear maybe in the New World something gets backed by consensus”. this was stated by CEO of goldman sachs lloyd blank fee who has been slow to come around but now speaks a little more highly of digital currency.

The first quote

He even mentioned how paper money was once viewed with equal suspicion and although he obviously relies on current paper money as CEO of goldman sachs. he does make note of the new world revolution that is taking place across many sectors of society and in the monetary ecosystem Bitcoin could be a disruptive force.

The second quote

“we will support more than one chain if there is enough user demand and if doing so makes economic sense”. this was from Bitcoin China CEO Bobby Lee during a reddit Q&A; session inquiring about the Segway to X fork.

Third quote

“this stolen data may ultimately impact almost every Malaysian” this was stated by Bryce Boland cyber security company fire eise’s chief technology officer in asia-pacific. this coming after a report last month of a massive data breach affecting almost the entire population of Malaysia cyber security researchers said that leaked data was extensive enough to allow criminals to create fraudulent identities to make online purchases. its degree of complexity was compared to that of US credit scoring agency Equifax his breach.

The fourth quote

“many people today are finding that there is more value and experience than ownership and that it is about access to find things not just possession of them” this quote is from former digital officer at Credit Suisse and new startup tens CEO Marco a bell.

featuring Krypto Valley Association Chairman Oliver Bussmann as advisor the ICO token will be the first to share its structure with securities under Swiss law 10 will use smart contract technologies to enable a new paradigm of shared ownership and enjoyment of unique assets these assets that have both meaning and financial value this may be a good platform to jump on their ICO will be taking place in mid-December okay that really had nothing to do with Bitcoin.

The fifth quote

“from what we can identify the only reason today to buy or sell Bitcoin is to make money which is the very definition of speculation in the very definition of a bubble” this was current CEO of Credit Suisse Ted Jane Finn in his attack on Bitcoin as a Bubble. Therefore making it difficult to deal with Bitcoin directly however while valid reasons not to enter the Bitcoin space.

The sixth quote

“ bitcoins aren’t there yet they’re still trying to find stability so it’s more of a commodity than it’s a currency” this quote came when El Ariane who is currently the chief economic adviser at the German financial institution. a Leon’s was explaining that currencies must be predictable and stable to work as a medium of exchange seven for the next one here is the live quote you. this guy is talking about Bitcoin mines and he has two of them running in his cottage in Russia and it both heats his cottage for free and also pockets him around four hundred and thirty dollars a month from Bitcoin transactions talk about some pretty cool passive income.

The seventh quote

“ coinbase added a hundred thousand users in the past 24 hours investors rushed to open new accounts for buying and selling Bitcoin after news that the world’s largest futures exchange plans to launch futures for the digital currency this year”

The eighth quote

“there is currently 200 trillion dollars in the world tied up in cash stocks bonds and gold and I am NOT excited about putting my money into any of these if 1% of that 200 trillion dollars finds its way into crypto in the next 10 years you will be looking at a two trillion dollar valuation”.