Want To Have A More Appealing Softlayer? Read This!
Have A More Appealing Softlayer

Want To Have A More Appealing Softlayer? Read This!

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Want To Have A More Appealing Softlayer?

Softlayer built a better platform. To build a better platform, it’s took an innovative approach to every aspect of our operations, starting with data centers. In this secure data center environment, softlayer incorporated a unique server rack design that provides high bandwidth, ample power, simplifying system deployment and faster issue resolution.

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Each rack has a minimum of 40 gigabits per second of connectivity right to it. Every rack device has multiple network interface cards weaving it into our one-of-a-kind network of networks. An internal management network provides secure and fast access to softlayer services and always up-to-date patch and upgrade servers.

A public network through multiple tier 1 carriers brings in general traffic best of all each device connects to a private network that seamlessly connects all softlayer data centers and points of presence around the world. This private network provides unlimited server to server traffic even between data centers as well as secures external access to software services via VPN.

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With IBM SoftLayer, customers can utilize object, storage bare metal and virtual servers connected over a blazing fast worldwide network to work with personalized data and keep it where the customers are. Combined bluemix and softlayer into one solution and you can create something truly remarkable.

Everybody loves how fast and useful the app is but this is just the beginning. with the excitement, he built around his idea, mark can expand his application with services like twilio for alert management with cognitive services for natural language and personality insights understanding individual users behavior with analytic services to find meaning from massive amounts of streaming data in real-time and in the future truvin services.

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Finally, mark could bring in screaming fast bare metal servers for scalable databases and manage personalized customer data through IBM’s object storage across 40 worldwide data centers. IBM bluemix and software helps healthcare organizations accelerate business innovation reduce risk to test groundbreaking ideas and provide latest technology for creating a truly unique and personalized experience.