All You Need To Know About What Is Domain Name Server And How To Set It
What Is Domain Name Server And How To Set It

All You Need To Know About What Is Domain Name Server And How To Set It?

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What is domain name server and how to set it?

We will talk about what a domain name server is and Google Public DNS. Most of us visit websites on internet on a regular basis to access emails, upload and download files, read information and much more. Every domain name has one or more public IPS associated with it, if you want to know what is best small business web hosting you can check it in the previous post.

There are two ways by which you can access a website, either you can type the actual domain name of the website or you can enter the IP address associated with the website in the web browser. It is more convenient to use domain name than to use IP address associated with the domain name to access a website.

A DNS contains domain name to IP address mapping. For example, when you will type in your web browser the web browser will search for the IP address associated with this domain name in the domain name server (DNS server) then it will use this IP address to access the website

Normally, every Internet service provider has a domain name server and you use the same server to translate a domain name to an IP address. You can choose to use the DNS server of your choice if you don’t want to use your internet service provider’s dnd. Google Public DNS is the domain name system service offered by Google. To use this domain name server service offered by Google all you have to do is enter your routers IP address in your web browser under DHCP section. Click on DHCP settings enter as your primary DNS and as your secondary DNS click on save button and reboot your router now every device which is connected to this router will access Google Public DNS to translate a domain name to its associated IP address.

How to Setting Domain Name Servers for Web Hosting

I’m going to show you how you set your domain name server for web hosting. This is something you need to do whenever you set up a new domain and you have a hosting account for that domain that wants you to set the name servers.

That’s going to be virtually anytime you purchase hosting from anyone other than your domain name provider. Let’s going to show you on godaddy because that’s the most popular one but it’ll be a similar procedure. No matter which domain name provider you use.

What we need to do is go to the domain name server manager or domain manager, and then we need to go to the domain name that we’re looking to change the nameservers, you just click on it in your control panel. At the bottom left here you see name servers, if you don’t see that you’ll see up in name servers and you can do set name servers.

You need to go to I have specific name servers for your domain name . Your hosting account will tell you what those nameservers need to be and then you just put them in the appropriate spaces. They may have up to four or even many more.

You just put them in here in the order that it and then click OK. And then, it’ll tell you that the domain name server are being said it could take up to 24 hours for them to propagate, all over the internet. Once you’ve done that your domain name and your hosting account or attached together.