Here's What People Are Saying About What Is Ethernet
What About What Is Ethernet

Here’s What People Are Saying About What Is Ethernet

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What People Are Saying About What Is Ethernet

What is ethernet simply, Ethernet is a term for a network. The early computer, we’re creating a first network somewhere around 1974-75. They decided to call it Ethernet after the concept of ether that was in early alchemy. The ether was supposed to be a very pure layer of air.

Ethernet used cards, here’s connector for the cable coaxial cable there’s also connection via plug. You could connect either way on an Ethernet. The thing about an Ethernet is that it was based on cables. It’s kind of like a large phone jack cable.

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What is Ethernet is simply a term used to refer to a network that was based on cables? You hear it less today because of so much emphasis and use of wireless networks. Wireless network is still a land but it’s not exactly an Ethernet because it doesn’t use cables.

How does Ethernet work?

The Internet is comprised of multiple layers, and today we are talking about one of the lowest ones, Ethernet. All network-connected hardware had to be linked up to one long coaxial cable. At any given time, only one device could send data over the network, so the system had to be designed around that.

When a computer wanted to send some data, it first had to “shout” a special set of bits on the network, which basically equates to “everybody please be quiet, I want to send something”. If two devices did this at the same time, they would detect this conflict and wait a random amount of time before trying again.

This initial sequence of bits is called the preamble. Once a device has successfully gotten their preamble out, they could then send data over the network. We have dedicated cables for our devices and we have smart switches and routers that can communicate with multiple devices at the same time, but the Ethernet protocol hasn’t changed much.

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Apart from some carrier-grade networks, we still use the same frame structure for our local communication. If you want to take a look at Ethernet in action, I recommend you install a program called Wireshark, which lets you take a look at all the traffic on your own computer.

As you may notice of what is ethernet, Ethernet is a local network only. It doesn’t provide us with any means to communicate with devices outside our own environment. That is the task of IP, a protocol that sits on top of Ethernet. that’s Ethernet and that’s all there is to it